Rates effective 05/18/2016

APY = Annual Percentage Yield

Checking Accounts

ProductMinimum Required Opening DepositRateAPYAccount Offerings
Moody Plus Checking$1,500.000.01%0.01%Personal
Commercial Plus Checking$10,000.000.01%0.01%Business
Moody Premier Checking$25,000.000.05%0.05%Personal
Moody Platinum Checking $50,0000.07%0.07%Personal

Savings Accounts

ProductMinimum Required Opening DepositRateAPYAccount Offerings
Moody Savings$250.000.05%0.05%PersonalBusiness
Century II Savings$50,000.000.10%0.10%PersonalBusiness
Moody Premier Money Market$50,000.000.15%0.15%PersonalBusiness

Moody Money Market Accounts

ProductMinimum Required Opening DepositRateAPYAccount Offerings
$0 - 24,999$2,500.000.01%0.01%PersonalBusiness
$25,000 - 49,999$2,500.000.05%0.05%PersonalBusiness
$50,000 - 99,999$2,500.000.10%0.10%PersonalBusiness
$100,000 - 999,999$2,500.000.15%0.15%PersonalBusiness
$1,000,000 - 9,999,999$2,500.000.20%0.20%PersonalBusiness
$10,000,000 or more$2,500.000.25%0.25%PersonalBusiness


TermMinimum Required Opening DepositRateAPY
3 Mos.$500.000.10%0.10%
6 Mos.$500.000.20%0.20%
1 Yr.$500.000.40%0.40%
2 Yr.$500.000.60%0.60%
3 Yr.$500.001.00%1.00%
4 Yr.$500.001.24%1.25%
5 Yr.$500.001.49%1.50%

The interest rates and Annual Percentage Yields (APYs) listed in this deposit rate sheet are effective on the date shown above and apply to accounts located in Texas. Checking and savings accounts are variable rate accounts. We may in our discretion change each interest rate and APY on variable rate accounts at any time without notice. CD accounts earn interest at a fixed rate. With a fixed rate account, the applicable rate is paid until the CD matures. Fees could reduce earnings on an account. A penalty is imposed for early withdrawal from a CD.

The APY(Annual Percentage Yield is a percentage rate that reflects the total amount of interest paid on the account, based on the interest rate and the frequency of compounding for a 365-day period. Your account statement will include the APY earned on your savings accounts and interest-earning checking accounts for the period covered by the statement).