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I (We) herby accept Moody National Bank’s offer to participate in the Moody Max benefits program offered by Generations Gold Inc., and to receive specified discounts on various services. I (We) agree to pay the monthly fees in accordance with the Schedule of Fees brochure and benefits package I have received. I (We) understand that Moody National Bank makes no representation, expressed or implied, regarding the quality of service and products provided by Generations Gold Inc. and its independent benefits providers. All liabilities, claims, damages, and demands are the sole and direct responsibility of Generations Gold and its independent benefits providers. I (We) hereby authorize Moody National Bank to release any information deemed necessary for participation in the GenGold® program, the information provided to GenGold will not include non-public information. I (We) understand that the benefits and services are provided by Generations Gold Inc. a fully independent benefits provider and that Moody National Bank will provide my (our) email address to Generations Gold, Inc. for program use only and that I may receive special promotional emails from Generations Gold, Inc. pertaining to the Program benefits. The ULTIMATE ID® program begins when you successfully validate your identity and complete the activation process. The primary and the joint account owner are required to each have their own email address. You will receive an email containing your personal activation code which is required to complete the authentication and enrollment process. The monthly membership fee applies whether or not you activate your 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring. To activate you must click on the link that is provided to you in an activation email. Please see the ULTIMATE ID® Terms and Conditions at www.ultimateid.merchantsinfo.com for complete details. No one can prevent all identity theft.