What is MyCardRules?

MyCardRules is an easy-to-use card management function in our mobile app and online banking that allows you to set card controls, add restrictions and receive transaction alerts.


What are the benefits of MyCardRules?

MyCardRules allows you to decide when, where and who uses your cards. You can manage your spending right from our mobile app or online banking - turn your cards on or off, set spending limits and get alerts. Additionally, knowing that you've set rules, restrictions and alerts that meet your specific spending preferences adds another layer of fraud detection and prevention - and gives you peace of mind.


How does MyCardRules let me manage my cards?

Visit the "Card Management" section on our mobile app or online banking website where you can set a wide range of controls and alerts on your card. Features include:

  • Turn card off/on
  • Set transaction spending limits based on dollar amount, transaction type and merchant type
  • Receive instant alerts on certain types of transactions, sent straight to your smartphone
  • Set parental controls and monitoring


How do I get started?

1.  On the dashboard, find the "Card Management" section and select the account for the card you wish to manage

2. From the Card Management screen, choose "Alerts and Protections"

3. Choose the protection option for which you wish to receive alerts (Locations, Merchant types, Transaction types or Spending limits)* then click "Save"

4. Choose how you wish to receive notifications by selecting "Manage" under "Notification settings"

5. Select the method you wish to received notifications for blocked transaction alerts and notification alerts

If you choose text message or email, you will receive a notification immediately after the specified transaction; in-app messages must be accessed through the mobile app or online banking


*The Locations option allows you to block international transactions. However, international use is blocked by default; if you wish to use your card outside the United States, you must first contact one of our banking centers. 

Mobile banking requires enrollment through online banking and download of mobile app. View the online banking service agreement for more information. Data connection required. Wireless carrier fees may apply. The mobile banking app is available on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.