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Credit Myths and Facts

Photo of a business man doing calculations

Your credit score and credit report can sometimes seem like elusive concepts. But it is important that you know how your credit score is calculated and what your credit report says. 


What's in a Credit Score

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Good credit? Bad credit? What's it mean? A credit score is a 3 digit number attached to a borrower that creditors and lenders use to decide whether lending money to that person is worth the risk. The bulk of banks and credit lending businesses in the United States use your FICO credit score to determine your trustworthiness as a borrower, so it is important to know what factors into your FICO score and what you can do to affect it.

Things you need to know before buying a home

photo of a country home

Buying a home is more than likely the biggest purchase that you will ever make, so you can never be too prepared. Especially if you're a first time home buyer, there are a few things that you need to know before signing any papers.

Spring Break 2016

Photo of a ferris wheel
If you or your children are looking for a great way to spend the day while on Galveston Island, be sure to check out some of our favorite places around the Island. No matter the age there are fun activities for everyone including wildlife, museums, art, and plenty of treats and eats the whole family can enjoy. Check out a few of the places we recommend to ensure a fun spring break this year.


Teaching Kids to Save Money

photo of a young boy cashing money into a piggy bank
One of the hardest things to do is to make yourself wait to buy something you really want. Even as adults, when we see something we want, it's difficult not to buy it (especially if we have the means to do so). But delayed gratification is important to be able to handle, especially for kids. Delaying gratification can even predict how successful someone will be as a grown-up. 

Pros and Cons of a Joint Checking Account

photo of a married couple leaving the altar on their wedding day
Just because you're getting married doesn't mean that you have to open a joint account and pool all of your money together. Especially since money is one of the biggest stressors in a marriage, it's important for you and your spouse to have a serious discussion about the best way to manage your finances together. If you're trying to determine whether or not a joint account is right for you, here are a few pros and cons to opening one.